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Are You Picking Pleasure?

By Shawnaschuh
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In anticipation of the Masters program of NLP (Neuro linguistic programming ) which I begin today I’ve been listening to some master audio programs, going through my coach practitioner materials and relearning – it’s a glorious thing!

One of the lessons talked about pleasure and living well – and how it’s a choice – like doing our best is a choice –

This time the analogy really got through to me. It was about ice cream –

The sentence that caught me said that bad ice cream is a sin.

Of course stating that bad ice cream is a sin is a startling sentence. The instructor went on to explain that when you’re eating ice cream it’s because you want to treat yourself.  And treating yourself to something less than stellar is cheating you and cheating is a sin.

Think about that for a moment.

When you eat ice cream you think – this is a treat – however if you didn’t get really good ice cream it’s not as special or good as a treat so the whole time you’re eating the ice cream you’re thinking – “This isn’t as good as I wanted.”

You eat it anyway –after all you bought it, yet you do not feel as much pleasure as you wanted so you don’t really derive the pleasure from it. Plus, you do not get those moments back and the calories came regardless of the taste.

Think about this for a moment– how many times do we select less-than the best items – because of affordability, or because we think we only deserve less than, or out of habit. During these choices we’re living a life less than the best.

Someone gave me good advice when I was younger. Buy only the best apparel and buy less. It will look better, last longer and make you feel fantastic. I have found that to be true. It is far better to spend $100 on a beautiful dress then to buy 2 dresses for $50 each that do not look, wear or last as well.

What if we used that thinking with everything? Eat only the best chocolate and savor it, because there is a distinct difference in Hersey’s chocolate and Godiva chocolate. You can taste it, experience it and savor it.

This works out in everything; there is a big difference in ice cream, automobiles and books, films and time use. It’s not about the cost either – many of the most pleasurable and wonderful things of life are free – fresh local strawberries or the ones you buy at the supermarket – the price may be the same – the taste and experience is different.

Today, before you reach for what you think you deserve, or what you can afford, or what you’ve always done, stop for a moment and say to yourself, “This is my moment, my life, what would give me the greatest pleasure now?”

You may find that you purchase or pick nothing except to revel in the sky, trees, friends or animals and realize that pleasure and joys are simply a moment to moment choice.

Remember, you create your day by the way you think. Make it magnificent!

Blessings, Shawna

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