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Are You Perfect Partners?

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Have you ever wondered how perfect you and your partner are for each other?

Have you wondered how much he really knows about you? How much he listens to and how much he actually takes on board?

If you were to ask him what your signature scent is, would he be able to name it? What about your favorite flick?

I’ve watched the Perfect Partners segment on The Footy Show, I know what it’s all about – and I wondered how myself and Mr. NQC might go in a similar sort of question and answer-style quiz. You know, to find out how much we really know about each other.

So this weekend, we were put to the test.

We set up a Perfect Partners style quiz with three other couples. One married for over 30 years, one married for 25 years, one together for two years and then us – together just over a year. The odds weren’t much in our favour.

The girls were sent out of the room while the boys jotted down their answers to 10 seemingly straight forward questions about themselves. Favourite movie, place we first met, shoe size, favorite food, favorite singer, etc etc.

After what seemed like an hour (boys can be so indecisive, can’t they?) the girls were welcomed back into the room and the questions were fired off.

Out of 10 questions, I got five spot on. But they were good questions, I thought. Questions that really mattered, like where we first met, his signature scent and his favorite movie. The couples that were married for over 20 years only got two or three right, so that turned me into quite the smug little so and so.

Then came the girls turn, the boys were shunned from the room while we (much more quickly, might I add) answered our series of questions. There were some tough ones, mind you, such as our bra size, signature scent (like he was really going to get Narcisco Rodriguez right?) and what we thought their best asset was. The men all guessed physical attributes (obviously), when most of the women had opted for personality traits like generosity, sincerity – and the fact that one of the men cooked a mean breakfast. Much to that certain boys’ dismay, I imagine.

Mr. NQC did quite well mind, bagging 3 out of 10 correct answers. The best asset part was bang on (he does have amazing arms – swoon) and knows my bra size (fancy that!) he also knew my shoe size (a handy thing come birthday time).

In the end, we ended up placing second, after the couple that have been married 27 years, but before the couple who have been together for two – and the couple who have been married for over 30 years. What does that prove? Nothing really. Except that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve been together, it’s the extent of how much you actually listen to your partner and take in the things they say that matters most.

What did I learn from all of this? I definitely, definitely do not want to know about ‘the last time the car was parked in the garage’ for any couple, especially if they’re over 40.  And that we may all talk a lot, but if we don’t actually listen, what’s the point?

I know many times during dinner, myself or Mr. NQC have snuck out our phones to send a text or check out Instagram, and while it may seem pretty harmless, it’s actually taking away from your quality time.

I say no more phones during  time with your special someone, it’s just far too precious to waste on shots of people’s dinner.





What are your thoughts on using your phone during time with your special someone?

Do you think you’d be able to correctly answer any of the above questions about your honey?

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