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Are You on Santa's Good Or Naughty List? with Portable North Pole

By Etspeaksfromhome
Are you on Santa's good or naughty list? with Portable North PoleIt was 3 years ago that we found Portable North Pole, by word of mouth through a friend.  Since then, we've created a video for Mr K each year.  I will always create a naughty list video 3 weeks before Christmas to warn him to be good and only then will he be moved to the good list.It has been a few weeks and he has been asking if he has moved on to the good list.  He knows that Santa is not real but he still believes in his magic and that he will get his presents if he has been good.Make Christmas magic by creating them (Child or Adult) a personal video, phone call from Santa or Nice list certificate!  Use BLG20BKP for 20% off digital products in the PNP store which is valid until 1st January.

It is very easy to create by simply uploading the photo and entering the details.  Once done, you can add on more magic into the video!  This year I created a premium video using the website or you can create it via the Mobile PNP app.  You can sign in using Facebook account if you wish to.  There are additional scene selections with three additional pictures in the premium video.  It is almost 6 minutes long video with unlimited online views during the Christmas holidays.  Plus, a bonus video from Santa for Christmas Eve.  The RRP is £2.99 and 5% of which will be donated to children’s hospitals.
Are you on Santa's good or naughty list? with Portable North PoleAs I mentioned, I created a naughty video for Mr K.  You are able to change it to the nice list by amending the details.  It is really straightforward.  Both of my children enjoyed watching the video and were astonished that Santa really knows everything they did!  The look on their faces was priceless!So why are you waiting for?  Make Christmas magic!  Disclosure:  We have received a code to do an honest review but are unable to show you our video due to personal details in there.  Images from PNP. 

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