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Are You Hiding in Your House Today?

By Cynthialuhrs @wickedgreens

friday-the-13th-keep-calm-andHappy Friday the 13th! Are you the superstitious type? Avoiding black cats and ladders, etc? Or do you scoff at such silliness?

Today is a great day to go see a scary movie or read a scary book. I posted two of my favorite scary books on Facebook and felt like I was in good company when I saw the number of responses who also thought those books were scary. What were they?

Salem’s Lot by Stephen King – I wouldn’t sleep with my bed next to the window for years after reading this.

IT by Stephen King – to this day there are certain nights I still jump out of bed and back into it so nothing grabs me from underneath!

And let’s not forget Jaws by Peter Benchley. The book scared me to pieces!

So will you hide and hope the day passes without event or will you go about your business as usual? Maybe, just maybe, you’ll enjoy the day and scare yourself silly!


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Are you hiding in your house today?
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