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Are You Falling in Love?

By Shauntee @shaunteebattie

falling in loveSo someone asked me how do you know you’re in love? Sometimes I think this is the strangest question ever. Because I had the misconception that people knew when they’re in love with someone. But apparently some don’t or they simply don’t understand the feelings they’re experiencing. It remains one of the constant search phrases that lead people to my blog. I’m not a love expert at all. I can only describe things that are relevant to my life and those of the people close to me. Believe it or not; there are people who are well into their 30′s and 40′s who have never been in love.

Falling in love is an indescribable feeling. It’s like a sudden shock that hits you unexpectedly. Nothing matters because you feel like you’re floating on air. You become a happier and nicer person and for some reason you just smile all the damn time; so to answer the question…here’s some tall tale signs that you’re falling in love.

You think about this person all the time. You wonder what they’re doing and they end up being in your daily thought process a zillion times. I know it’s nothing profound but it’s the truth. When you’re in love you think about him/her. The crazy thing is, sometimes the stuff you think about is stupid …you can wash clothes and wonder if this person likes Tide w/ Bleach like you do.

Everything reminds you of this person and I do mean EVERYTHING. You can go to the grocery store and see some Cheetos on the shelf and you will instantly be reminded that you shared a bag with this person a month ago and on top of that you get emotional about it.

If you feel the need to impress them, you’re in love, meaning if that person is into sports and you know nothing about it….your ass will pick up anything necessary to learn a play by play of last night’s game. You then eagerly await to hear from them so you can have an in depth conversation about it.

If you know you’re cheap as hell & mighty tighty with your money and suddenly you find yourself picking up little things or offering to pay for shit because this person has been good to you…yep you’re gone! Money is a valuable commodity you’re not spending it on just anybody.

Some say that when you’re in love you care more about your appearance. Now first of all as a woman, I genuinely care about my appearance when I’m not in love but I will say I kicked it up a notch. You will find yourself taking on some of the traits of that person. If you’re in love with someone who eats healthy you will find yourself eating healthier as well. Your will eat stuff you would have never thought of a day before in your life until you met this person. You will make a damn seaweed salad and be happy eating it.

If you genuinely start thinking of a commitment and a future with this person especially if you’ve stayed away from relationships for awhile… yes you got the love bug…you will sit on the damn computer and upload pictures into a site to see what your baby will look like.

And last but not least, If you care more about their safety and well being than your own…..YOU’RE DEFINITELY GONE! All of sudden, looking out for yourself only is a thing of the past. You feel the need to make them safe, happy, and comfortable. You will start to think about the both of you instead of just yourself. If it’s one cheeto left in the bag…you will give it up with a smile!

What are some of the signs that you experienced when you fell in love?

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