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Are You Faced with Discouragement? and Asking What Do I Do?

By Lifestreasury
Hey everyone, how are we doing today. How has life been to us? From some I hear amazing, to a few just there and to others really terrible. Oh yea! I hear those answers, and a few like myself go further and say life has been awesome. I answered this question to one of my friends one day and he goes, life always remain awesome for you, do you mean it or are you just saying it?. And I answered why should I say what I do not mean, I mean every single alphabet in it's awesomeness, even when I cannot see it being awesome, I feel it being awesome. We will discuss this further some other time but for now I can lend you my response, so if I ask how was your day or how is life, please feel free and use my response IT HAS BEEN AWESOME. I won't charge you for it.
So yeah! Let's talk a little about discouragement today,what is discouragement? "when you loose confidence and enthusiasm" "when you loose the zeal to go forward or appreciate who you are and what you do?" Does anybody agree with me? Oh yeah! Google dictionary does.
I learnt Discouragement is an emotion attached to a person's character. Hmm!! Emotion and character, two very important words that affect who we are and how we function. Character is who we are and emotions how we function. So when you are discouraged, you loose both? Wow Amazing.
But then I am here to tell you today that do you know you can have both emotion and character together and in turn take discouragement far away from your life? If you didn't, now you know and I will tell you how.
With no bias feelings I will be telling this story.
We have different phones, the Samsung, the iPhone, the Techno and then we have the NOKIA. Yesss!! Nokia, everyone says Nokia has the strongest makes of phones, I was not sure, but now I am because in Nigeria it has been tested and certified by BABIES. Whereby a parent owns a Nokia phone, goes down to the kitchen to get some food and your phone rings, your baby tries to help by being a nice child picks it and throws it from the staircase and you watch it slide because you cannot help the situation and  you watch it land on the ground, you go down the stairs pick it up and put it together and this happens every week. That's what we are talking about! So throwing a Nokia leaves you without a scare that I might loose a screen or a key would stop working, NO!! all you have to do is walk to the last step of the stairs, pick it up and put it together and look your child in the face and smile, saying "We've got this covered". I tell you the Nokia phone even had water resistant from time past because sometimes it lands in water, when the baby let's go of it, who is an Iphone 6plus in the face of a Nokia 3310,loool, if you do not know it go read about it, the strongest and the most expensive. looool.
I saw this image and had to share....
Are you faced with discouragement? and asking What Do I do?
So what are we saying? The producers of Nokia put into consideration the baby of that family that will throw the phone downstairs at least twice in a week, so they added extra thickness, extra factors to make it retain its strength even through a fall, maybe when you pick the phone it might take a while to place a call or something but that gradually it starts working properly. So all of these things were put into consideration before the production of the phone, the hard times, the challenges and lots more, that is why the Nokia phone can stand any type of fall and still function.
Why this story you will ask:
It is because I am referring to YOU, yes YOU!. You who feels discouraged, downcast and depressed. God your manufacturer has designed you with so much thickness and extra qualities to face every type of fall, he has designed you with extra thickness for every situation you will face today and in years to come, he expects you to always find your step not minding what hard time, what emotional situation, what challenge, what burden lies ahead of you. Were you thinking they would not come?, they would but it is just a test to be sure if you know who you are truly designed to be. The devil comes and he plays around, throwing things in your face and tries so hard because he wants to make you feel discouraged but then all you have to do is put yourself together look the devil in the face, smile and say "I GOT THIS COVERED". Speak to the devil and that situation saying,  I am designed by God with so much thickness, I am a unique part on this earth and I cannot give up because the world needs me. Tell yourself you have not even started and nothing can make you stop, till you reach your goal.
I feel so happy writing this, because I hear someone saying this today and getting out of that thought of discouragement. I see someone stepping into the positive side and walking out of negativity in a grand style.
Find your step and say to yourself I am stronger than that Nokia phone.
So to all who answered, my life is just there or my life has been terrible can I hear your new reply as I ask again, How has life been to you?
OH! Mine has been awesome and will always be....God bless you for reading.

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