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Are You Caught Up in Tasks? People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
Note to self

Image by tim ellis via Flickr

The other day I spoke with a woman who has recently secured the services of a coach – and the coach has asked her to discover or uncover her passion.

She’s having trouble with this –

She has many things that bring her happiness and since she’s lived a wonderful long life already – she has many things she’s done and loves –

So the word passion is what seems to be stumping her – it may be stumping you as well.

When you ask yourself: what is your unrelenting passion? What answer do you come up with?

What happens for me is: Which one? What time of year? Are you asking about my personal, relational or professional life?

People have passions in all of them – and we have multiple passions – and it’s good, rich, full and fabulous –

Today – let’s focus instead on a reverse question –

How can you do less of the things that you aren’t passionate about?

How can you live this week more in line with what you adore love and that energizes you? –

If you’re like most people – your choices will be vast – so why not do the things you love most this week instead of getting caught up in tasks?

I challenge you – let me know how it goes!

 “As water, when transmuted into steam, becomes a new, more definite and wide-reaching power, so passion, when transmuted into intellectual and moral force, becomes a new life, a new power for the accomplishment of high and unfailing purposes.” ~James Allen (New Zealander Statesman, Minister of defense, 1912-20; 1855-1942)

Blessings, Shawna

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