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Are You A Good Team Member Or Captain?

By Jen Campbell @TennisLife_Mag

Hey everyone! One of our followers submitted a great 2-part question last week, asking what it takes to be a good teammate and captain. This is actually a pretty important topic, so I'm covering it in this week's video.

Playing on a team is more than just showing up on time and playing your match. And if you're the team captain, your responsibility is more than just scheduling your players. Things can get quite dicey if even one member doesn't fully grasp the "team concept" and mission, which can spell trouble for the team, as a whole.

In this video, I've put together some great tips for both team members and captains which will not only help maximize your team's morale but its winning potential, as well!

My goal is to give all of you the tips and tools you need to be the best tennis players you can be, so if you need help with your game, DON'T BE SHY! Tell me about it in the comments section below so I can address it in a future video! Also, be sure and share my posts with your tennis friends, and connect with me onand Youtube!

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