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Are You a Fredator?

By Notquitecarrie @OliviaMackinnon

Are you a Fredator?

If you’re anything like me, you’re sitting here wondering how, if it’s true, Sandra Bullock pulled off one of the biggest man wins in all of history.

It’s not everyday cougars reign supreme. I mean look, Demi did well for herself, but for the most part all we’ve come to expect is has been 80s pop princesses sans the cone bras and plus a way younger man model who goes by a biblical first name and for the most part seems constantly unwashed.

So when whispers surfaced that my girl Sandra here, had bagged the un-baggable. I knew there had to be something in it. Don’t get me all wrong here. Bullock is beautiful, I mean she is one seriously saucy minx – not just for her age either, but in general – she ticks many a box.

But this is Ryan Reynolds we’re talking about. Hollywood’s current must-devour. Who until recently had the right to be all up close and personal with ScarJo’s curves, who is funny as all hell and who has a face that could make baby Jesus cry – the god, not the latino love child that Madonna is trying to pass off as her love monkey.

The mind, it boggled. How has she possibly pulled this off? This guy could have anyone he wanted. Literally. Half of Hollywood are dropping their knickers to get a piece of the Ry-pie. So how did she do it?

… and then it dawned on me.

Bullock was a Fredator. The friend-predator, who becomes really good friends with a guy, pulls them in under the pretence that there’s nothing more going on and then uses her charm, giggle flirt and shoulder of which to cry on to lure in her prey. Making them fall harder than Heidi Montag after  few too many vinos. It’s trickery at its best, and i bet you all of my perfumes and pencil skirts that you have one of your very own in your group – and you didn’t even know it.

It can be tricky to spot a Fredator. As some girls really do just get along with guys, with no intention of a romantic link – ever. But of course circumstances can change, and it’s often when you find yourself getting close to someone without the pressure of trying to impress that you really get the chance to really be you and the sparks, well, they fly.

Fredators don’t operate like regular girls. For the regular girls out there, you see a guy at the bar, you target him as prey and you go for gold, either taking the initiative and approaching him, or sitting back, willing him to come to you. They have no interest in meeting up with this guy for Sunday banana bread brunch, nor do they wish to be the shoulder he cries on when you bring up the girl in the photos in his room. Nope, regular girls don’t draw guys in like that, they don’t want to be friends. They play their cards close to their chest, not sprawled out all over they front yard and the neighbours, with the doors of their lives wide open as Fredators do.

Fredators become close to a guy, earn his trust and make him think of her as a necessity in his life. Someone he can’t live without – his shoulder, his punching bag, his best friend. So when push comes to shove and another guy threatens to fuck with his best girl, the animal instinct comes into play – and he realises he doesn’t want to lose you. Cut to the little Fredator complete with huge grin. Mission accomplished.

The tactic, it’s not for everyone. But i’m guessing right about now you’re thinking of a girl you know and recognising her as a straight up Fredator – am I right?

My advice, leave her to her own devices – she knows what she’s doing and for the most part she’s harmless, it’s just a technique, a method, and it doesn’t suit everyone. But if you do start seeing a few too many Facebook chat convos sprawled across your feed between her and your ex/current/future boyfriend, I’m not saying you should be worried – but yeah, kind of be worried, yadig?

Are you a Fredator?



Who is the Fredator in your group of friends?

Is it you? 

What is your technique when it comes to your prey? (I mean guy, the guy you erm… like.)

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