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Are We The Only Ones Noticing Trump Is Winning Mostly Open Primaries?

By Nottheworstnews @NotTheWorstNews

Trump has seemed like a joke candidate from the beginning, but is the joke on him? We ask this because we see nobody talking about this on CNN as John King looks at county-by-county results, instead talking about different voting blocks of people.

Are non-Republicans voting for Trump intentionally so that the Democrats can win the White House? In an open primary, anyone, including Democrats and independents can vote.  Could this explain why voting in Democratic primaries has been down 30 percent at one point while Republicans were up 50%?

We decided to look at which states are open primaries and who won.  Here is the list:

Open Primaries and Winners

New Hampshire – Trump

South Carolina – Trump

Alabama – Trump

Arkansas – Trump

Georgia – Trump

Massachusetts (unaffiliated voters only) – Trump

Michigan – Trump

Mississippi – Trump

Tennessee – Trump

Texas – Cruz

Vermont – Trump

Virginia – Trump

Closed Primaries and Winners

Iowa – Cruz

Nevada – Trump

Alaska – Cruz

Minnesota – Rubio

Oklahoma – Cruz

Kansas – Cruz

Kentucky – Trump

Louisiana – Trump

Maine – Cruz

Puerto Rico – Rubio

Hawaii – Trump

Idaho – Cruz

District of Columbia – Rubio

So basically, Trump won every open primary state except Ted Cruz’ home state of Texas.  However in non-primary states, Trump won six, and Cruz also won six!

Since this is a humor site, and we have to say something funny, here are…

3 New Talking Points For Donald Trump

  1. “We love protesters, oh do we ever love protesters… since in theory some of them may be voting for us.”
  2. “America needs to win again. We never win. Oh no, I forgot to knock on wood before saying that. Can someone import a wood table manufactured in China for me?”
  3. “Don’t buy into conspiracy theories that people are voting for Trump so that a bully gets a comeuppance by losing a general election! This is not some high school comedy where everyone pretends they want to go with the unpopular nerd to the prom, and then at the end everyone laughs because nobody really wanted to go with them to the prom. Although I like the premise of bullying nerds, so someone green-light that idea for a new movie.”

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