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Are Routines Needed In Your Family?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 100143795 Are Routines Needed In Your Family?

Are routines needed in your family?Do you think they are just boring or do you find a routine too difficult to stick too?

A few mums have read various posts I have written in regards to routines and questioned whether they really do work. I stand firm when I say that routines are beneficial to keeping family life running smoothly.

Rules and boundaries can easily be managed much more efficiently when we have routine.

Children, especially toddlers feel safe and secure when they know what to expect, if they know what is coming next they adapt easily and without major fuss.

Routines do not have to be boring, routines can be whatever you want them to bed. Personally a bedtime routine is the most followed routine we have in our own family dynamics.

Are routines needed? I think they are. I have also found that following a routine leaves us more spare time to have fun and plan family activities and enable us dedicate a set time for certain areas that fit our family needs.

Setting set times for meal times, bedtimes, daily outings and nap times can all be included in your daily routine. By having a routine you can plan other tasks around these times, you cal always your tweak your routine, it is not set in stone.

Life is never predictable and there will be times when you just cants tick to your routine, try not to stress about this too much. A routine is needed to help you divide your day into steps and give you breathing space from the hustle and bustle of trying to do everything at once or free up some time.

I suggest that meal times and bedtimes are the main routines that you should look at sticking at as much as possible.

Routines mainly fail because a parent fails to follow through with what is expected from them. If your child’s nap is due and a friend calls, then don’t be tempted to keep your child up, its nap time so off to sleep they go whether you have guests or not.

Write our your routine and fasten it to the fridge or wall, making sure you allow enough time for the various tasks you are setting yourself for the day.

You can also make it easier by telling your child in 10/5 minutes what is expected from them or what is going to happen.

Are routines needed? Lets hear what your own views are …

 Are Routines Needed In Your Family?

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