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Are Mobile Phones Going to Replace Watches?

Posted on the 22 June 2012 by Hostingnuggets @hostingnuggets

Are mobile phones going to replace watches?It seems like mobile phones or in general any other kind of small portable and modern electronic device are starting to replace the need of wearing a traditional wrist watch. Maybe some of you don't even remember the feeling of wearing a watch...

A watch is a fine piece of extreme precision mechanics very often built manually by real humans and can be worn with proud. Can a cell phone really replace this? I would definitely answer no to this question.

For instance, how annoying is it to always have to grab your phone out of your pocket or bag just to find out what time it is. In fact by doing that exact task you loose time. A real no go for time maniacs who have the habit of looking up the time every five minutes. Not forgetting to mention that your mobile phone might run out of battery especially if it is already two to three years old. A watch will never let you down as a good one is known to be reliable.

So to sum up a watch like the Michael Kors Watches is something special, maybe it was a gift from a special person, maybe it belong to someone of your near family or you simply love the mechanics inside which make it tic.

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