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Are Exams Important?

By Therealsupermum @TheRealSupermum

ID 10046009 300x199 Are Exams Important?

Are exams important or do we need to find a better way to test our child’s intelligence? How clever are our children really? We rely on exam results, teacher reports and school grades to tell us how clever our own children are.

After years of arguments about the GCSE exams’ getting easier and already abolishing the Key Sage 3 (year 9) SATS is it about time they shook the system up and introduced new methods to test our children?

If they’ve abolished the Key Stage 3 SATS are exams important enough in general to be kept? If we can abolish those then why keep the rest. Surely exams at Key Stage 1 level is a bit excessive and only teaches our children to do enough work to pass your exams then that’ll get you through life.

I think it is, GCSE pass rates have risen year on year until recently. Why, because exams were simply too easy. Saying this, the number of pupils still failing to leave secondary education with 5 good, solid GCSE’s is quite frankly appalling. Possibly because like me they no longer see the value in them.

Something needs to be done to help our children, this is our future generation. They are our future government, our future lawyers, bankers, doctors, nurses and teachers (amongst the countless other professions).

Do you think that teachers and schools are doing enough to educate our children and prepare them for adult life?

Personally I think more focus needs to be on real life skills and less on skills to simply get the children through the exam and out of the school gates.

In school for my GCSE English I remember reading ‘Of Mice and Men’, I enjoyed it but I fail to see what this taught me and what it prepared me for.

Trigonometry. Geometry. How many of you actually even know or remember what they are?

I fail to see how in daily life is learning about ionic bonding in sodium chloride useful.

With the new shake up of the education system, some of which comes into force this month hopefully we will see an improvement to our education system and to the level education that our children receive. Is it a little too late though, what about all those the education system has already failed and let slip through its net?

What do you think? Do you think exams are important?

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