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Apps: Some of the Best

By Becca @glowgetterbecca
I like to keep the stuff on my iPhone pretty pared down, so apps wise, I only keep the ones that I actually use regularly or that are highly entertaining. I don’t really get the point of one-off apps, i.e. ones that you use once when you first download them to do a quiz or something and then never look at again, or apps that have an equally good/better website that I can surf using safari. I know, I know, they are "optimised for mobile", but if I really needed to view the Topshop website while I was out and about I’d still rather browse the *teenee* Topshop website than use the app. But maybe that’s just me....

So. After all that preamble, here are some of the apps that did make the cut, in all of my favorite categories:

For Fashion...LookbookApps: Some of the BestI've loved for years, and the app definitely lives up to the website. It may actually be easier to browse looks via mobile. And I always end up screen-shotting loads of outfits for inspiration.For Hair...BangstyleApps: Some of the BestThe name could be a bit misleading *ahem* but this app is actually great for hairstyle ideas. This is quite new to my collection, but I love having so many styles in one place. Again, I much prefer exploring the app than trawling through websites or buying loads of those little hair magazines when I've got a trip to the hairdresser planned. There is a mix of professional and user photos.For Beauty...PrimpApps: Some of the BestThis is another new one for me. I don't normally like beauty apps, mainly because I prefer blogs and online magazines, but I'll make an exception for Primp because it is basically Pinterest for beauty. It has loads of tutorials and many, many product reviews.For Fitness...5k RunnerApps: Some of the BestI am not a runner. Not at all. But this is a great one for easing you in gently. You just plug your headphones in and it tells you what to do. Easy. Even for a noob like me. For Weight-Loss...My Fitness PalApps: Some of the BestIf you're looking to shed (or gain) a few pounds this is the app for you. It basically works out your target calories for the day, based on how much weight you want to lose/gain, your BMI and level of activity. Then you input all the calories you take in each day, by searching for the food item in their extensive database or scanning the barcode on the packaging of your food. The app tots up the number of calories you consumed that day and subtracts the calories burned during any exercise. It works really well if you're disciplined and fill it in properly (and obviously stick to the calorie allocation). I haven't used it in a while, but it really works when you do. It does get a bit tedious after a while, but I think it's a really good one to use for a few weeks at a time, just to get an awareness of how much you're eating. But of course, every calorie isn't created equal, so it's up to you to eat the right stuff!For Inspiration...PinterestApps: Some of the BestPinterest is honestly one of my favorite things in the world! I could waste whole DAYS on here. I love it that much.Just for Fun...Cat WangApps: Some of the BestErm so basically you put cat faces on top of person faces....Have you tried any of these? Do you have any others you would recommend?xx

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