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Apple Will Provide Mobile Self-Service, No Need Operator

Posted on the 04 May 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

Apple Will Provide Mobile Self-Service, No Need Operator So many of the gains by Apple of course many people who are waiting for the next step of this Cupertino vendor. Previously it is known that Apple is considering to invest in their component suppliers to ensure the flow of components to keep them smooth. Similar rumors circulated of late, this time Apple is said to be expanding rather than the supplier, but the distributor device. It is said that Apple would be a mobile service provider directly, without utilizing the services of example only operator AT & T and Verizon. Indeed, this rumor is not a new rumor, because the first since the days of Steve Jobs leadership, he did want any of this, but due to some reason this idea undone. In addition, the amount paid by the operator reached $ 381 per iPhone sold is certainly tempting for vendors. According to Bluestein, not undone but was postponed because now Apple has been able to do the same is due to the presence of distribution channels, portfolio for digital content, and also a huge consumer base, do not forget iTunes users are registered to nearly 250 million credit card. Apple is also said to be the pioneers in this case, where Google will follow but there is still lack of distribution channels, customer service experience, as well as content ecosystem that has been presented through iTunes. It is known that Apple is already preparing for this move for a long time, seen from the patent application since 2006 which shows a network architecture that is still not approved. But there are still considerable hurdles due to the price being offered to the end user will not be too concerned about affordable. But again, a large supply of cash to say Apple will probably open the way to eliminate this problem. source

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