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Apple Store Refused to Sell Its Product to Iran Buyer

Posted on the 26 June 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

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As reported, a store clerk at the Apple Store in Alpharetta, Georgia, United States, refused to sell the iPhone and the iPad to a Farsi-speaking client, as she wanted to send the devices to be purchased to her friends in Iran
Visitor's name was Sarah Sabet, a U.S. citizen, of Iranian descent, aged 19 years and a student of the University of Georgia. 
Sarah visited the Apple store, and after he discussed with his friends using the language of Farsi, the store clerk asked what language they use, and their origin, as well as where the devices will be. When she said it would send the device to friends in Iran, an employee was immediately refused to sell these devices
This rejection reason because of their country (the U.S.) have a poor relationship with Iran. Apple Store is the store manager said they enforce the regulation because of strict restrictions in terms of exchange between the U.S. relationship with Iran. Export, sale and supply of Apple products is prohibited by U.S. government regulations. 
Sarah believes this rule is very racist. Employee was deemed unethical to ask the buyer where the origin country. After the disappointment and the tears with the answer, she phoned Apple customer service agent, who apologized and said she could buy Apple products through Apple Store on the website. 
How do you guys conclude this matter? Does Apple have violated human rights with selling only to particular races?

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