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Apple Exceeds Estimates, Report Benefits $ 11.6 Billion

Posted on the 27 April 2012 by Hpmurah2u @hpmurah2u

Apple Exceeds Estimates, Report Benefits $ 11.6 billion After a decline at the beginning of the month for $ 90 from $ 644 to $ 555.18 yesterday, Apple finally gave their earnings reports. Apple is known a net profit of $ 11.6 billion or $ 12.30 per share of total revenues of $ 39.2 billion. Own analysts predict the company will earn income of only $ 36.81 billion to $ 10.06 per share. Analysts worry the actual beginning of the reporting that AT & T is below the predicted figure.Predicted that Apple will sell as many phones 30.5 million, when in fact amounting to 35.1 million iPhones were sold in the previous quarter. This figure rose sharply 88% more than the 18.65 million units were sold in the same quarter the previous year. Apple itself is said to have become one of the producers money by a significant margin. But beyond the sales of the iPhone, iPad sales are expected to fetch as much as 12 million unit, it only managed to sell 11.8 million unit. Similarly 4.4 million Mac, which successfully sold over 4 million Macs. But just like the iPhone, this figure rose sharply from the same quarter last year 2011, which sold only 4.69 million iPad units, and unit 3.6 million Mac. source 

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