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Posted on the 13 March 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

With TV Series Quiz for Android, you get a simple game to test your knowledge of TV shows of all genres.  You see a picture and you have to spell out the title of the show using a mixture of letters.  Seems basic and it is…but it’s fun.

This app is a simple and fun game.  The object is easy. The look and feel is basic.  You see a picture and you guess the title of the show.  As you pass each level, you get coins to use for hints.  You can either have it place a letter for you or remove one from the mix that isn’t needed.  There are 100 levels in this game.  I made it to level 52 before I ran out of coins and didn’t know the show is was representing.  You have the option to purchase more coins, but I wasn’t willing to spend money on this game.

One thing I wish it did was have the ability to make the image larger. Either have it fit the open area or be able to click on it to view it larger.  When I was playing on my Nexus 7, the pics were very small to me and some I had to look hard to see the characters.  Also, every couple of levels you get a full screen pop-up ad that is quite annoying but probably needed from the developer standpoint.

Not a bad game overall if you are looking for something for free to test your TV knowledge. I wouldn’t go as far as to pay for it though. If you like movies more than TV, they have a movie version too.

Download the app for Android:
Developer website:


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