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By Aspirationsofglam @Aspirationsofgl

Hello lovely readers, thank you all for your kind comments on my JC post from Sunday. I am mid-week of my new big-girl-job and the 5:30am starts are a killer...roll on Friday.I'm desperately hoping my body gets used to feeling this tired!I am an avid reader of blogs...literally all the time at some point of the day ill be reading something from the bloggersphere somewhere.
AOG Reccommends...[image tumblr]
I love discovering new blogs. I think the huge expanse that the Internet is its increasingly hard to find blogs that for some reason you just cannot get enough of. You'll always go back.
Ill do this for many reasons. That persons style, their character, their choice of products. Sometimes all those things.&Then it dawned on me although I comment on these blogs Ive never openly given them some love on my blog. In this list I hope that you may discover some fantastic blogs written by witty and inspirational women.
 Sprinkle Of GlitterI have been a sponsor of Louise's for a few months in the past. She has ooodles of personality and this carries through all the way to our monthly email exchanges. She is a lovely woman to do business with, and I cant recommend enough being a sponsor of A Sprinkle Of Glitter. This lady makes hilarious videos on YouTube and features muchos products, some lifestyle, inspirational arts and crafts and baby glitter posts.What I love about her is at my tender age of 22 I'm fascinated by Louise's thinking outside the box crafty things. Oh and all of those lipsticks she wears on her lipstick collections please Louise?
Victoria's Ebay posts are and have been a favorite of mine for well over a year, Ive also purchased some of the gems she has linked to in the past. Her blog is so cleverly and meticulously layed out I love how professional it looks. She writes intelligently and has such an eye for beauty products. I love her dress sense
Pearls And PoodlesWhat I most love about Milly is her fashion sense. She always looks incredible...and I'm always hitting up those links to see where everything is from. As well as outfit posts theres a whole lot of product love going on there. Be warned reading this blog is a strong enabler! Oh and Id love hair that looks as good as hers please.
Buy Now Blog LaterLaura used to be a Youtube guru with a huge following. She stopped altogether at one point. So when she resurfaced with her style and sophisticated Buy Now Blog Later I was literally hooked. She has this wonderful Dubai lifestyle and the fashion sense and beauty trend setter status to accompany it. Laura's blog inspired me to give a go at blogging myself over a year ago so alone I have her to thank for that.
LLYMRSLily is another I am totally inspired by with her fashion sense. She pushes my"girl living in the country" boundaries with her edgy outfits (not that hard). She also has amazing hair! She has the ability to put items together that I would have never envisaged. Myself I like to take away snippets and make them by own.
Vivianna Doves Make UpAnna appeals to my luxurious nature. She has a wealth of knowledge about all sorts of products I have never heard of.....This does not stop me from on occasion doing some further investigation myself. I love her videos and her awareness of fashion and products. I imagine she would be one of those "wheres that from?" friends.
Cats And Rocking ChairsMorven has not long got back from Thailand....twinnies!...but seriously this girls style is off the chain. Her photos are practically straight out of vogue. She is a high end fashionista so fashionable and brilliant it boarders on an envious manner of course! This is another of those "push my fashion boundaries" categories. She is a huge H&M wearer and always enlightens me to what I may be missing out on in store.
Now these are but a few. If you enjoy these kinds of posts do let me know and I can write another sometime soon
Now for me this evening consists of a bath, hot choc and bed.
Glam or what!?
Thank you for reading and Ill catch you soon
AOG Reccommends...

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