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Anti Sleep Pilot

By Internationalcouples @icouples

Asp3As international couples, most probably, you have been travelling a lot. A lot. I remember in the first months soon after my then-girlfriend and I met, I used to travel by car at weekends. I would leave at about midday on fridays and would drive for 14 hours. You can imagine the state I was in when I arrived.

The point I am making is that driving for too long is extremely dangerous and drowsy driving is one of main causes of accidents.

Many companies are trying to roll out products that actually tackle drowsy driving. Some of such products try to understand when drivers dip their heads forward or simply rely on alerting drivers with vibrations or wake up calls.

The product that I am rewing today, The Anti Sleep Pilot (ASP), on the other hand, takes a different and more comprehensive approach by answering the basic question: 'What kind of driver are you and what is your risk profile?'.

The Anti Sleep Pilot comes both as a product and as an iPhone app. The first time you use it, it

prompts you to insert your personal details such as age, sex, average working hours per week etc for a total of 26 parameters. You will be also required to set your trip data and set a fatigue status that will be used to monitor your alertness during the trip and as a base to recommend breaks.

Once you insert your data into the product or into the iPhone and start your trip your advantage is twofold:

  • the ASP uses tests and audio signals to mantain your alertness;
  • it calculates your fatigue levels and when they become dangerous, it recommends timed breaks.

A product I would definitely suggest to international couples that drive for long hours.

For more information about the products and retail prices visit the company website or go to the shop.


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