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Another Boring meeting…:People Skills

By Shawnaschuh
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Storytelling – the name conjures up tales of knights in shining armor, fairy godmothers and lessons on morals and behavior. Or if you’re in business – a way to connect on a deeper level and allow those you speak with to remember with their hearts and not just their brains.

Last evening I attended a storyteller’s performance. 4 story tellers told stories and each teller and each story was different.

The beauty of it for me was not knowing the stories, or the topic or the agenda – so unlike business – however because we were all gathered there to listen to stories there was an energy in the air, a “This is going to be good” feeling – or at minimum a “I hope this is going to be good” feeling – a lot like any gathering –

So the lesson; – Ask yourself; how do I set up the anticipation before my meetings or gatherings?

Most professionals miss this question – and so many people may be thinking:

   “Another boring meeting…”

   “I wonder what they’re going to harp about this time…”

   “I hope this doesn’t run over…”

However with a little thought from you – they could be thinking:

   “This will be energizing…”

   “This is going to be good!”

   “Wonder what we’ll learn this time…”

You can get this to happen with some planning –

By setting the right intention

By using stories and getting people involved

Today I challenge you to think about what attitude you bring to your meetings – when you plan them and present them, or when you attend – and how you can alter the feeling around it.

You have the power to do so – will you?

Remember you create your day by the way you think – make it magnificent!

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Blessings, Shawna

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