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Angrakha Salwar Kameez

By Rima

The term “angrakha” literally translates to body protector. The design showcases an overlapping upper garment which is tied to the left or right shoulder. The angrakha salwar kameez design is supposed to have originated in Rajasthan. Due to the extremely high temperatures in Rajasthan, there was a need for an attire which would be light and comfortable while protecting the body from the sun and heat. The angrakha salwar kameez wrapped around the body, offering protection from the sun. This Indian ethnic outfit was worn by both men and women as daily wear and during festivals.


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In general, there are 2 types of angrakha – the Kamari Angrakha and the Knee-Length Angrakha. The Kamari Angrakha ends at the waist. It looks similar to a frock, as the ends of this angrakha flairs out at the waist. The Kamari Angrakha is generally worn by men in Rajasthan and Gujarat during festivals. Paired with a dhoti, this type of angrakha provides ease of movement, ensuring comfort while dancing during festivals. The 2nd type of angrakha salwar kameez design is the Knee-Length Angrakha. This is the style that is most common amongst women. The knee-length angrakha is worn both as a daily wear as well as during parties and festivals, depending upon the design. This angrakha salwar kameez is most often paired with tight churidar pants to give a glamorous look. It can also be paired with pajamas or palazzos.


The angrakha salwar kameez features different types of designs and embellishments, depending upon the occasion. Originally, the angrakha was worn in Rajasthan and showcased tie and dye designs called bandhani as well as intricate mirror work. Usually made of cotton to suit the hot weather, the bright bandhani print and embellishments made this garment look catchy and attractive. Over time, the angrakha salwar kameez design has started featuring various other designs, embroidery work and embellishments. While cotton angrakhas with minimal printed work are often worn as office wear, embellished and embroidered angrakha salwar suits are worn during parties and festivals.

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embroidered angrakha salwar

The kamari angrakha is usually worn by men, along with dhotis during festivals like dandiya and navratri. Nowadays, trend-setting women are also trying the kamari angrakha. Women pair the kamari angrakha salwar kameez with dhoti pants or long ghagra skirts. The more common angrakha salwar kameez design is the knee-length angrakha. This style is worn by women both as regular wear as well as party wear. Generally, the knee-length angrakha suit is worn with tight, narrow churidar pants. The fitted look and the numerous bangle-like folds at the ankle of the churidar goes really well with the angrakha design. Sometimes the angrakha salwar kameez is also paired with pajamas or palazzos. Due to the looped design at the shoulder, most women forego the dupatta with an angrakha salwar kameez design. Rather, they opt for designs which showcase heavy work at the neckline, to provide a glamorous look.

 kamari angrakha salwar kameez

The angrakha salwar kameez design is a versatile outfit that looks good on women of all body shapes and types. Paired with appropriate jewelry and accessories, the angrakha salwar kameez can make you look gorgeous and regal!

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