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Angels and Devils

By Survivingana @survivingana

eating disorder voiceYou have two voices in your head at the moment. One is saying ‘you don’t need that food’, ‘you are fat’, you are so ugly, worthless, useless, stupid….’. The other voice is saying ‘you should eat that food’, ‘food is your medicine’, ‘you deserve to live’.

One sounds like a devil who hates you. The other sounds like an angel you loves you.

Who is who? Why is it a battlefield in your mind, why are these damned voices fighting it out in your head? It exhausts you, confuses you, irritates you, and all you want to do is hide.

The devil is the eating disorder. It invades you head, invades you life. It will say anything to keep you in it’s hold and anything to destroy you. It is only intent upon it’s own life and it’s own desires.

The angel is you. Remember you?? After being silenced by the eating disorder, your voice is becoming stronger again. It is fighting FOR you. It is remind you that you are more than the eating disorder and you have a right to eat and a right to live.

This is the voice you listen to. THE ONLY VOICE. This voice affirms you, is keeping you safe and trying to fight back against the eating disorder. It is the one voice you can believe and follow. This voice whispers that your support team is right. It tells you it is good to eat. This voice reminds of your dreams, your hopes.

Recovery is learning listen to the right voice.

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