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Posted on the 29 December 2016 by Lifecoachbloggers
For my two year old son(Sushrith), "s" is refusing to enter his tongue. He says "k" instead of "s". He calls his mom "kowmi" instead of "sowmi". I want him to say "she sells sea shells on the sea shore", guess what he says "khe kells kea khells...." and I requekt my fakebook friendk not to publikike thik pleak. I hope that kukrith will improve koon
Cartoon channels must clearly mention that the super-hero programs that they telecast is fictional. Last evening my son was watching He-man where the he-man carries 2 big heavy loaded trucks and throws it on to a building. Meanwhile, I was carrying a small bucket of water sweating my soul out in front of my son. Now, my son thinks that I'm not strong.
I should stop my son being too creative as it affects my quality of living. Last evening , he was using my shirt hanger as a bike steering. I say "Son, please return the shirt hanger, I must hang my shirt" he goes "Dad, how is my new bike, drrrrrrr....." Now I hang my shirt on one of the door knobs.
I nominated three people in my life who yell at me the most; 1) My wife, 2) My Manager, and 3) My mother. You know who won? Take a guess?….Yes…you are right…My Son.

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