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Android Jelly Bean 4.3- All You Need To Know

Posted on the 31 July 2013 by Anna Peterson

Last week Google presented a new version of Android Jelly Bean, along with new Nexus 7 , the first device driven by this very OS. In the post that we published last week, we mentioned just some of the features that 4.3 version Android brings to the users. Today, we’d like to introduce you with all you need to know about the latest Android update.

Improved Speed and Graphics

Android 4.3 offers better speed and graphocs

There have been a number of improvements that include better performance in apps and games, thanks to OpenGL ES 3.0 platform that is supported by Android 4.3. These changes mean that the games will feature more fluid graphics and developers will have better opportunities to create games that are visually stunning.

Better Bluetooth

Android Jelly Bean brings better bluetooth

Bluetooth has been significantly improved in new version of Android OS. Now it supports Bluetooth Smart technology, which allows the phone to connect to other devices without draining the battery completely. Another addition is the option of using AVRCP 1.3. This feature is used for controlling devices, such as TV, and showing metadata from music tracks played like a song name, album and artist information.

Advanced Multiple Users Support

android 4.3 offers advanced multiple users feature

This feature improves a lot with Android 4.3, which is very useful for concerned parents. Now, new Android 4.3 can set some limits  for each user accounts on the device, meaning that parents can restrict adult content or avoid a possibility of downloading the expensive apps by their children, while other users of the same device can freely access these  features.

Netflix in Full HD

Android offers netflix app content in full hd

Netflix Content in Full HD

Finally there are numerous DRM improvements, which means that we are going to see more streaming services delivering their content in the highest quality on Android. Netflix has already integrated the new security measures and has also made it possible to stream content in full HD directly on the Android device.

Though it has been presented with new Nexus 7,  Android 4.3 is becoming available to Nexus 4, Nexus 7, Nexus 10 and Galaxy Nexus. HTC One and Samsung Galaxy S4 are also expected to receive their update of Android Jelly Bean 4.3 very soon.

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