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Andriod User? Want to Experience the Latest Update? Things Are Looking up for You!

Posted on the 26 September 2012 by Visakh1234
Andriod User? Want to Experience the Latest Update? Things are Looking up for You! Android is a wonderfully powerful operating system that gives people an alternative to iOS systems. It offers an impressive selection of apps that can help you find anything from forklifts Baltimore or forklift certification MD training to the best local pet groomer. The largest problem with owning an Android device has always been the inability to upgrade easily when new updates are released. That’s because the manufacturers who make Android devices typically do it by customizing the operating system. There simply isn’t an option to upgrade without wreaking havoc on your device. Until recently, the best and safest way to get an Android update was just to purchase a new device with the new version already installed or to buy a Nexus phone from the start. Fortunately, the team at Android has realized what a problem this is for users and has come up with a solution. Compatibility at Last? The Android Open Source Project has been exploring ways to make it possible for a wider variety of mobile device manufacturers to install the operating system without the need for alterations. The ability to install a clean, unadulterated version of Android would eliminate the problem of inaccessibility to updates. With the Jelly Bean update newly launched, this is good news for Android users. While you may still need to purchase a new device now, you shouldn’t have to do so for the next update unless you just really want a new phone. This project is in preliminary stages and is only being tested on one Sony device. If it is successful, however, it may be extended to a broader range of devices to make updates accessible via Google within days of their release. It’s still not a perfect solution to an ongoing problem, but it’s certainly a step in the right direction. Perhaps with this kind of forward-thinking and concern for its users, Android will be able to continue to close the market gap with iPhone. About Jelly Bean If you don’t already own an Android device, but this news has your interest sparked, you’ll likely want to know more about the latest OS version. One of the reasons Android has had a hard time catching up with the iPhone is because it always seemed somewhat more cumbersome than the iOS system. Jelly Bean took that problem and smoothed it into oblivion. Scrolling, swiping and animations are all just as smooth and quick as with this latest update. It also features a wonderful new addition called Google Now, which is basically a super smart voice search engine. It also updates you about the things that are relevant to you, including flight times, sports schedules, meetings and more through the notification system. With all of these new features, there’s never been a better time to try an Android device.

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