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And We Have an Entry! Jessica Samuels' Entry for A Tale for the Butcher Babe.

By Lizmckeown1955 @WritersBoost
And we have an entry! Jessica Samuels' entry for A Tale for the Butcher Babe.
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And here is her short story:

Pulp Fiction Contest:
I really did not want to do another bounty hunter mission at all, but I needed the money. Im a chef at a butcher shop, and my name is Loreal Gavin. I have short black hair and a scarf around my head, and with brown eyes and pale skin. Im someone you dont want to mess with for a good reason, and I can kick serious ass.
That does not stop people from asking me to do what I used to do which is bounty hunting. I love tattoos and ride motor cycles, and I was on The Next Food Network Star and Cutthroat Kitchen too. I love food more then I loved to bounty hunt, so I stopped for a while. Until my friend came to me when I was working at the butcher shop. I look around the room at the place, and it's wrapped up in plastic after I cut it up into pieces. I enjoy the feel of the wet, red meat against my fingers. I have loved it since I was a kid, but then in high school I needed money so that's when I got into bounty hunting so I can earn money taking out bad guys. I was an expert with a gun so that helps, and I can take some stupid jerks out too. I came out from the back, and met her at the front of the shop. She sat at a table in front ones of the ones they have for people waiting for orders.
Her name is Melissa Stone, and Ive known her for a while at this point since she was in high school. I was too, and she befriended me when all the other students would not even talk to me since they are all preps and gangsters. Its in the Luxor realm high school. I went there since it has all kinds of creatures going there. She is a witch, and Im a werewolf. Sometimes werewolves get along with witches. I get along with them since they are easy to talk to, and they can even help me out with spells when I need some serious fire power. I did quit for a while in order to pursue my dream of cooking meals, and butchering meat too. I love my job, but there are times when I did miss the thrill of chasing some punk and offing them for money. Ill make an exception this time, and hurt the bastard that did this to my friend. Ill make him regret the day he livedI sat across from her to get more information.
What is his name? I asked her so Ill know where to look.
Mark KristoffI loved him till he raped me, and took my money. He has done this to all the girls he has dated too. Its not just me either, and just find him, get my money back since he stole $100,000 from me. Half of that will be yours, and bring me his head.
I smiled, Will do especially for that much.
Then she left, and I headed home. I went to my apartment to do research on him. It wasnt hard to track him down since he was staying with yet another live in girlfriend. I made sure she was away too, and went inside. He was there in the living room, and with my revolver pointed at his head. I pulled the trigger, and he never had a chance since he didnt know I was there at all. I loved seeing his lifeless body on the floor. I took his head off and then showed it to Alice. She gave me the money and I was $50,000 dollars richer. I missed it, but at the same time all I wanted to do was go back to my working in the butcher shop. I had fun stalking him, and taking him out so he could not harm anyone else. I loved food way more than bounty hunting though. There was a reason why I left it behind since riding motor cycles and chasing bad guys is not as fulfilling as cooking yummy foodsMmm
The end

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