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And Then, There Were Flowers

By Melikeyuk
Flowers resembling pom poms

From the Japanese section of Hong Kong Flower Show 2013

Last week saw the opening of the Hong Kong Flower Show 2013. In an attempt to make good use of what remained of last weekend, I dragged my OH down to the show which lasts for just over 1 week. What I didn’t realize was that half of Hong Kong would be joining us! Despite the hordes of people attending with what seemed like paparazzi size lenses and the non stop click clicking of their cameras, I managed to get a few pictures. Overall, I would say I was mostly impressed with the Thai and Japanese section of the flower show. Very elegant and clean in design.

A beautiful fuchsia Orchid

Beautiful Orchids and Pansies

I’ve talked before about my lack of “greenfingered-ness” but I do love the color and vibrance that these little beauties bring and very much admire the great skill, care and attention that goes into maintaining and exhibiting these flowers.

We don’t have a garden in HK, space is a commodity as you can imagine so the most we have is a little balcony but I would be loathed to put anything on it due to the intense heat that HK endures during the year.

Rings and a carpet of flowers

A Carpet of Flowers

Clean and precise Japanese design

Japanese Flowers at the Hong Kong Flower Show 2013

And Then, There Were Flowers

Japanese Flower arrangements

Most of the crowds attending this event have now been displaced to watch the Rugby Sevens which Hong Kong is hosting this weekend. I think if I was attending the show again, I’d probably wait a few days for the crowds to dwindle. Hong Kong is extremely efficient when it comes to crowd management. Access to the event was possible via the Octopus Card. This card is very similar to the Oyster Card in London (London adopted this card after the roll-out in Hong Kong) but brings so much more. As well as transport, you buy convenience store items, pay for on-street parking and even your electricity bill with it! Now that is what I call a smart card


Hope these pictures brighten your day. Wishing you all a fantastic week!

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