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And the Bride Wore... Topshop?

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty
It's that time of year when summer love is in the air and weddings are getting in full swing! I love nothing more then a good wedding and as a matter of fact was at a friend's just last week. The whole day is full of happiness, laughter good food and as always a bit too much drink! But what draws the most attention? (Now I know this is when I sound like a complete girl, but I'd be lying if I said it were anything else). The dress of course! The bride's dress is the most anticipated moment of the whole day. It's something as a girl you dream of and plan mental notes in your head all throughout your life until that day comes. I know on my wedding day I want no fuss and frills. Ideally my groom would be in a suit with his shirt relaxed with the buttons slightly undone at the top. My dress? I have no idea... but I would (hope) it to all be very laid back,chic and demure. As a person I'm such a free spirit. The idea of seeing my husband to be in a morning suit and myself in a puffy meringue dress makes me feel ill! But this brings me to the topic, just how relaxed is TOO relaxed?When I read today Topshop is bringing out it's own bridal line courtesy of the amazing Richard Nicoll I was kinda shocked, but when I imagined sleek dresses embellished head to toe accompanied with heavy chiffon skirts, I thought yeah kinda beautiful, this could completely work. Click open images and it's a completely different question. This isn't bridal wear, this is "I'm popping out to Soho for a drink with a friend". Alright, some of it's not too bad and maybe I wouldn't be seen in a transparent maxi dress in Soho, but really where has this inspiration come from? Not one person pops into my head who would be willing to walk down the aisle in a pale pink shift dress with contrast webbed panelling along the body. There's no doubt the collection is at some level chic, but bridal appropriate? I'm not sure if I could lie a smile to my friend and tell her she looked sensational on her wedding day if she walked down the aisle in a transparent skirt with a Madonna-esque Blonde Ambition tour, Jean Paul Gaultier corset.
What do you think of Topshop's new bridal collection? Would you be seen walking down the aisle in Topshop?

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