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Posted on the 06 September 2016 by Kristy47 @watchingwaytoomuch
Tuesday 9/6/16

Trivia Answer: From wayyyyyy back when...The Brady Bunch went on 3 vacations. The first one was of course, the Grand Canyon, the second one was Hawaii and the last one was Kings Island amusement park in Cincinnati. 

First Fives: Mike O'Dea, Bill McLaughlin, Neil Moffatt, Adam Cohen & Eric Schwartz
Honorable Mention: Monica Caraffa 
THE NUMBERS Friday's Broadcast Top 5
What Would You Do?-ABC .8/3.5
Shark Tank-ABC .7/3.9
20/20-ABC .7/3.9
Dateline-NBC .7/3.7
Blue Bloods-CBS .6/5.3
Friday's Cable Top 5

Friday's Social Media Top 5

Sunday's Broadcast Top 5
College Football-ABC 3.0/10.4
Big Brother-CBS 1.3/5.2
ABC Fall Preview-ABC 1.1/4.0
NASCAR Sprint Cup-NBC .8/4.3
60 Minutes-CBS .6/7.2

Sunday's Cable Top 5

Sunday's Social Media Top 5

Late Night Ratings for the Week of 8/22/16-8/26/16
Carson Daly-.30/.87
James Corden-.28/1.0
THE SHOWS Rob Lowe Roast
Rob Lowe kept me up til midnight last night, not in the way I always dreamed of though. The Comedy Central roast of Rob was what kept me up laughing past my bedtime. No idea how they choose the roasters. I had no idea who Nikki Glaser, Jimmy Carr or Ann Coulter were. Nikki and Jimmy were actually pretty funny but Ann was somehow the star of this roast. She was roasted, ripped apart and skewered. Her reactions and non-reactions were priceless.  I can't imagine anyone would take so much abuse just to sell a book, but she sure did. Rob was a great sport throughout the entire event. His wife 2 sons and less attractive bro, Chad were all in the audience which had to be super awkward. Pretty sure every roaster brought up Rob's sex tape, the underage girls and the nanny lawsuits. The car ride home had to be pretty uncomfortable. Who knew Jewel was so funny? Pete Davidson was sporting some pretty crazy sneakers and seemed to be hammered mid way through the event. He spit out his drink a few times and really gave it to Ann Coulter. Jeff Ross is supposed to be the roast master, but this was one of his weakest performances I've ever seen. Peyton Manning was hilarious and took all the jokes about him and his massive head pretty well. Ralph Macchio, Rob's co-star from The Outsiders was on hand. He looks good, but wasn't the greatest. David Spade was on all the talk shows before the roast and said he hated hosting. You could tell. He wasn't taking any of the jokes well at all. I wouldn't say this was the best roast ever, but any excuse to look at Rob Lowe for 2 hours is fine by me.
Random Thoughts and Info from Vacation

I've been gone for sooooo long. Have you missed me? Vacation was a blast. Nothing like 2 weeks at the beach. The weather couldn't have been better and I won my family Mini Golf Tournament for the first time in 4 years. Huge win, the plaque's been ordered, ceremony TBD. While I was away, I watched a ton, read a ton and kept up with all my TV/Video news. Not sure how much you guys know already, so forgive the old stuff. I'm going to go with bullets just to keep things as flowing, so here goes:

  • Comedy Bang Bang's 5th season will be its last
  • Jim Gaffigan and his wife cancelled their show about their family to spend more time with their real family. Personally, I'd stay with the show. It's gotta be easier than being home with 5 kids. 
  • The next season of Pretty Little Liars will be its last. 
  • Grimm's next season will also be its last.
  • The Oscars will stay on ABC through 2028 in case you were nervous about them jumping ship
  • TLC renewed Too Close to Home. Never heard of it, never watched it. 
  • Devious Maids was cancelled
  • AMC cancelled Feed the Beast and I feel like it's partially my fault. I watched it, I really liked it and I rarely told anyone how good it was. Sort of bummed. Feel bad for Schwimmer.
  • Connie Britton's leaving Nashville midway through CMT's upcoming season which means, I'm leaving Nashville midway through CMT's upcoming season. 
  • Read Jon Cryer's book and found out that the word "Pompitous" featured in the Steve Miller tune "The Joker" is a nonsense word that Miller misheard from an old R&B tune called "The Letter." The guy that wrote "The Letter" made up his the nonsense word, "puppetu." Miller thought he said POMPITOUS. The word is supposed to mean "a secret that you only share with someone you truly love" Interesting, right?
  • Finished HBO's THE NIGHT OF. Felt totally gypped. I wanted a verdict. If I couldn't have a verdict, I needed to see what actually happened THE NIGHT OF THE MURDER. Totally pissed me off.
  • Gave in and watched all of STRANGER THINGS on Netflix. Loved it but it was way too scary for me. The kids were awesome. Loved Dustin, the kid with no teeth. Props to Wynona Ryder for comeback of the year, but it's BARB who seems to be receiving all the Internet love.
  • I'm obsessed with loving & hating Jeremy and Audrey Roloff. Now they're in a car commercial and it's infuriating.
  • The new online only Big Brother starts on 9/28. We'll get 24/7 access and a lot of influence over the game but the actual show will be a 1 day a week commitment which I can manage. 
  • As for the current Big Brother...Paulie turned out to be a doosh, James screwed up BIG TIME and now I'm rooting for Paul even with that nasty ass beard.
  • Watched all of The Get Down. Felt nothing
  • Watched all of Casual. Thoroughly enjoyable
  • Watched the Kevin Bacon Amazon pilot, I LOVE DICK...Jill Holloway, the woman behind Transparent, is also behind this one. The only thing I like about the show is Kevin Bacon. Lets see if it gets picked up. Kevin's been all over the talk shows getting the word out which is a whole new thing. It's JUST a pilot, he's trying to get the votes. 
  • Watched an amazing documentary called INVENTING DAVID GEFFEN. I could watch this thing 10 more times. So interesting. 
  • Britney Spears Carpool Karaoke was awful...she didn't know the words to any of her own songs. Didn't see it? Here you go: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSd9hiBGoE0
  • Barbra Streisand and Alec Baldwin on Jimmy Fallon just felt weird to me. Did you guys see it? No? Here you go: http://www.nbc.com/the-tonight-show/video/barbra-streisand-and-alec-baldwin-the-best-thing-that-ever-has-happened/3089986
  • The MTV VMA's were unwatchable. Other than Joe and Nick Jonas, nobody on the red carpet could speak intelligently. I could barely understand anything anyone said. There was a guy named Desiigner who just made screechy sounds. No real words that I could figure out. The show itself was pretty boring. Rhianna barely sang, but they gave her 3 different segments to perform. Beyonce got 20 minutes and Kanye got to introduce his new soft core porn video with a 4 minute nonsensical rant while his wife looked on. WTF happened to that show. Remember how good it once was? Remember when there were actual videos to give awards to? YOU TUBE PLEASE TAKE THIS OVER TOO!!! 
  • Dancing with the Stars revealed the new cast. Nobody at all that would get me to watch: Ryan Lochte, Laurie Hernandez, Maureen McCormick, Marilu Henner, Babyface, Terra Jole, Jake T. Austin, Calvin Johnson, James Hinchcliffe & Jana Kramer. 
Tuesday's Trivia Question: Name the Noah Wylie TNT Primetime Drama that ended its Primetime run last August. 

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