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Anatomy of a Wrestling Shoe

By Perry Hua

Parts of a Wrestling Shoe

Parts of a Wrestling Shoe - Outer - Anatomy of an Athletic Shoe - Athlete Audit Parts of a Wrestling Shoe - Inside - Anatomy of an Athletic Shoe - Athlete Audit Parts of a Wrestling Shoe - Outsole - Anatomy of an Athletic Shoe - Athlete Audit
  1. Cut length – Wrestling shoes come in either mid-cut or high-tops for additional ankle support. Mid-cuts allow for a little more freedom of movement with less ankle support and vice versa
  2. Eyelets – Small holes in the eyestay helps to guide the shoelaces in place
  3. Eyestays – Strips of material on either side of the top of the upper houses the eyelets and laces
  4. Lacing – Traditional laces allow the most adjustment in fit in different zones of the shoe
  5. Toe cap – A reinforced toe cap improves durability
  6. Toe box – A fairly flexible toe box allows for dynamic movements and positions
  7. Upper – Often made of a combination of materials, including leather, synthetics, and mesh
  8. Ventilation holes – Keeps the shoe breathable while eliminating excess moisture
  9. Heel stabilizer – Keeps the heel from moving around too much
  10. Tongue – A thinly padded tongue allows for more movement
  11. Insole – The footbed of the shoe that improves comfort and support. Some can be removed for you to add your own
  12. Arch support – Some wrestling shoes can have arch support for more comfort
  13. Heel counter – A firm plastic insert in the back of the shoe that provides structural integrity for the heel
  14. Collar – A thinly padded collar helps to increase freedom of movement
  15. Split sole – Wrestling shoes either have a split sole or a unisole, each with its own pros and cons. Split soles allow more flexibility while unisoles provide more stability and durability
  16. Tread – Helps to provide traction on the wrestling mat
  17. Arch – The middle area of the shoe. Will be bare on split sole shoes

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