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An off Day…

By Marensmorsels @marentweets

Hey guys!! Your comments yesterday were like little tootsie rolls of delight.


I don’t know. Do you guys ever have “off days”? They’re just the worst.

Everything bugs me. The time goes by super slow. I swear I could karate chop anyone who breathes in my direction.

It’s not good for the world, that’s for sure.


At least I’m aware, right?

I took the day off from the gym yesterday. I just wasn’t feeling it and with my fitness plan I can fit in a few days off .

what did I eat yesterday???


I had a delicious turkey sandwich on sourdough bread with lettuce, mustard, pickles, banana peppers, and red onion. I also had a bag of baked lays. I love those chips. 

I didn’t get photos of everything else. Blame it on my Mr. Grumpy Pants mood!!! Leave me out of it.

I ate a few (really a million) mini Hershey’s dark chocolate squares. I also are the crumbs from a bag of pretzels, a mini bag of Annie’s fruit snacks that are in the shape of running bunnies, and a can of Progresso manhattan clam chowder.


One last pic of my Top-less Lady!! Isn’t she foxy?!!

It’s raining today so the top is back on. The rain is such a fun killer.


Hazelnut coffee for breakfast!

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