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An Obsession with Adorable Dogs When Traveling the World

By Livingthedreamrtw @livingdreamrtw
Hi there little puppy We have an unusual travel obsession.  You may know that we take hundreds of photos a day and have a collection of 35,000+ in our arsenal (all on Flickr), but what you may not know is that we have very specific types of photos we like to take.  One of which coincides with our complete obsession with all things animals, specifically cute dogs.  While we like to take a break in whatever we do to play with the animals, stray or pet, we always make sure to get our fair share of photos of the cute pups too.  This post will serve as a collection of some of our favorites taken from around the world.
My most memorable puppy photo is this cute little guy on the banks of the Nile in Egypt.  Covered and fleas and all alone, this puppy had the brightest spirits and would follow our group all evening. 
Nile, Egypt Puppy
Nothing says strong willed dog like a power photo in-front of a waterfall like this one taken in Sapa, Vietnam. 
Dog and Waterfall
A few days later in Halong Bay our group stumbled across a litter of puppies that ran out to greet us when they heard the commotion from a bunch of bikers.
Litter of Puppies in Halong Bay
In Koh Samui, Thailand I stumbled across dozens of dogs being walked by their owners along the beach.  This little pup stood out as it seemed to be his first time walking along the shore and was uncertain of what to do.
Golden Puppy on Beach
Of course, the other dogs on the beach noticed it too.
Dogs on Beach
Another cute puppy in Thailand, this time Koh Lipe, was not shy about playing with visitors and chomped into anything he could get his mouth on. Fingers, shoes, bags; you name it, he bit it. 
Puppy Biting Bag
This little dog looks absolutely angry at the bunch of tourists invading his space for a cooking class, but this couldn't be further from the truth.  While a bad photo turned out to capture such an angry expression, I often share this photo with Angie when she gets grumpy at me to say "hey look, its you!"
Grumpy Dog
We were even lucky enough to stay in a few resorts that had dogs running around the properties, like cute little dog, named after Dobby from Harry Potter, in Phuket, Thailand.   We would have stolen him if it wasn't for the fact that he was always under watch from his owner.
Dobby the Dog
Finally, we must introduce you to our favorite dog we have ever seen when traveling: Bridget the pug.  As the first mate on a ship in Baja, Mexico, Bridget has many responsibilities that include sleeping on the boat, eating treats, and entertaining the guests.  She likes to sneak into the captains chair when he is not looking too!
Captain Bridget the Pug
So, which is your favorite dog photo?  Comment below and let us know!
An Obsession with Adorable Dogs When Traveling the World

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