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An Introduction To The Art Deco Interiors Trend

Posted on the 02 December 2018 by Parrotprintcanvas

Glamorous 1920s interior touches are back in style and in our homes, but could the look work for you? From glorious glass, brass and marble through to rich and opulent velvet… today we’re talking about how to mix and match the key components of the trend in your home.

What do we mean by Art Deco?

Art Deco was a movement in art, architecture, fashion and interiors that was at its peak in the 1920s. However, its beginnings started in pre-WW1 France and the term art deco is actually short for art decoratifs. The art and design movement favoured luxury fabrics and materials such as marble, glass, brass and gold. This went alongside a fondness for bold geometric shapes and lines and strong colours and pattern. Also known as art moderne, art deco interiors sought to radiate elegance, wealth and sophistication. So, if you’re planning a luxe look for a particular room or your whole apartment, there’s a tip or two you may want to borrow from the Art Deco period.

Why is Art Deco making a come back?

After years of minimal looks in interiors magazines and on the high street, some consumers have seemingly had enough of light, airy and white Scandi-inspired interiors. Now, it seems consumers and homeowners are ready to take a step or two in the opposite direction. The clean, blank canvas is out and in its place we’re seeing more demand for luxury style touches.

The look is far from minimalistic, but can be paired back to fit with the architecture of your home or your own personal taste. You can add as little or as much art deco styling to your home as you like. After all, there’s no requirement to go all out to create a gold accessories filled pattern-laden velvet emporium! One of the other factors playing a part in the resurgence of Art Deco is a renewed interest in past times, activities and even drinks of the trend’s heyday. At the moment, premium distilled spirits are very much the in thing in the alcoholic beverage world. With this in mind, furniture items such as 1920s style cocktail trolleys and tables fit nicely with Britain’s enthusiasm for drinks like botanical gins

How will you work Art Deco in your home?

If you’re starting to think Art Deco could be a little of what you fancy in your home, there are some great finds in the shops to help you channel the look on a large of small scale. Keep it subtle with brass or gold table lamps, rounded mirrors and geometric lampshades. Love architecture? Give the artistic movement a subtle nod with photography of Art Deco buildings printed on canvas. Want to go a little larger? Grand chairs, plush velvet sofas, printed wallpaper and metal framed windows are great ways to indulge art deco leanings in combination throughout the home.

What do you think of the art deco trend? Are you a fan or would you happily leave its interior looks in the past?

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