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4 Interiors Trends for 2019 We Love

Posted on the 22 January 2019 by Parrotprintcanvas

If the Christmas decorations have long been firmly packed away and your household has been lured into the mystical art of tidying up and decluttering thanks to a certain Netflix TV series (thanks, Marie Kondo!) you may be seeing the rooms in your home in a whole new light. Whether you feel inspired by some extra space or have recently moved home and want to put your stamp on your surroundings, you may want to put some of the interiors trends predicted to be big this year, to the test.

At the start of a new year, the interiors experts like to tip what they think will be the trends that will make their way into our homes in the year ahead. Some are always more appealing than others and here at ParrotPrint HQ, these are the 2019 interiors trends we are looking forward to seeing more of. Are you on board with them too?

The Constellation Craze

This trend started to make waves at the end of 2018 and is sticking round for 2019 where you can expect it to make in impact in the world of weddings as well as interiors. Inspired by the magic of the night sky, astrology and galaxies far away, you’ll see lots of starry prints, zodiac illustrations and colours such as creamy golds, silver, dark navy and blue setting starry scenes. This trend can provide a great backdrop for a bedroom or a thoughtful theme for a study or hallway. Where would you try out the twinkling interiors trend in your home?

The Colour Coral

We explored the top colours for 2019 on the blog recently and thanks to Pantone, coral is set to be one of the star shades of the year. After the overwhelming dominance of shades of gray and blush pink over the last few years, it’s nice to see a warmer color finding favour. We love seeing colourful canvas prints brightening up a neutral room but if stronger shades like coral are more your thing – you could think about hanging black and white or single color canvases can provide interest without color overload. Alternatively, if color is what you crave, you may enjoy the jewel shades that are surfacing as favourites for the year ahead.

Muted Metals

Rose gold was the metal that seemingly was never going away, and now interiors experts are tipping a mixing of metallic shades in the home including pewter, gold and zinc. All of which would look rather fabulous alongside the constellation trend.  One contender for the metal of year, who is perhaps a surprise candidate, is that of tin. According to Pinterest, tin is in with a dramatic rise in searches for the metal recorded at the start of the year. Will you be channelling the look with tin homewares or holding your own tin photoshoot?

Eco Decorating

Are you becoming more concerned about the damage of consumerism and the impact of materials such as plastic? The eco decorating trend can be seen as an evolution in interest in activities such as up-cycling and buying local. We’re expected to seek out furniture and finishings made out of more sustainable materials and to consider our chemical use a little more too.

Will you be using low toxin paints on your walls this year? Perhaps you are planning to go low VOC throughout your home? We’d love to hear your plans for creating more environmentally friendly interiors.

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