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An Interactive Game: “Surprises”

By Tfabp
So as we get ready to reach the ¾ pole (sorry horse racing term…) I invite you to gather around the computer screen, because it’s time to play America’s favorite game here on the blog, “Surprises”.

First let me tell you the rules. My game, my rules. Surprises can be both positive or negative, they are just deviations from the norm or what was expected. So you might say that the Orioles early success was a “Surprise”, although now they are back to normal. Two: Today we look only at the NY Yankee every day players. In another post I will get you to play “Surprises” with the pitching staff but today is the every day grunts. Three: The “Surprise” could be either offense or defense. Four: I will give a list of “Surprises” as I see them in no particular order. You can play by either choosing one of my “Surprises” as the biggest of the year OR nominate one I did not include for consideration. I will tell you my choices of a top one in about a week and will also include readers choices at that time (so remember to sign your comment if you do not use a recognizable profile so I know who you are.

And now, onto my list of NY Yankee Every Day Grunt Surprises:

-Jorge Posada going from a serviceable player to “you don’t catch anymore”, to “You will bat where we tell you to bat”, to “We’ll find you a spot, its over on the end of the bench”. I expected more, we could not have gotten less. When blogs and Tweets are asking if he will be released soon, you know it is serious.

-ARod playing at an unexpected low level, lacking power, getting injured, making news instead of getting hits. I really expected him to have a big year and got him on one of my fantasy baseball teams. Early on I started to get a feeling that he was going to have problems living up to MY expectations and being that I needed so much help, traded him to one of my former friends, JHop. I say former friend because she HAS to think I stuck her with him, but I never thought his stock would get this low.

-Curtis Granderson gave us a taste of what was to come in the second half last year when, after working with Kevin Long, hitting coach, went on a tear. Well it has basically continued all of this year and at this point he is third in RBI, hitting for power and generally doing well with a bat in his hand. Sure, he still takes weird routes to balls hit to the outfield but you can’t have everything now can you?

-The resurrection of Eric Chavez, from the scrap heap has got to be mentioned. Sure, he followed expectations by getting hurt and missing a chunk of time but when he has played he has done very, very well, especially playing third base at such a high level. If he stays healthy the rest of the year, he may truly surprise us.

-Eduardo Nunez made the club as a utility infielder because of his bat, not his glove so much. He has filled in at SS for Jeter when he was hurt, at 3B for ARod when he needed a day off or was injured and made a boatload of errors. But his bat has stood out a bit and he certainly packs more hits and punch then former utility players. Right now he has 4 homers, 25 RBI and 16 walks, not bad for a very part time player. Now if he would only get rid of the iron glove for a nice leather one.

So, this is what I got, a couple positive surprises a few negative. Now it is your turn. Support one of mine or come up with one on your own…

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