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An Inspiration for My Computer Glasses

By Shoppingaholic @shoppingaholicc
An Inspiration for My Computer GlassesImage Courtesy: GaranceDore
I have been bored to death because of my work and spending on my money (worth 10 grands) on some stupid things. This is I always do!! But this will be discussed later.
I'll focus on the glasses Victoria is wearing!! She is Beauty Editor at VOGUE and why she shouldn't be!! Such a flawless skin and pretty face with perfectly winged eyeliner and little dab-dab of gloss on her lips!! But all Iwant from this picture is those glasses and the chanel jacket she is wearing. Who doesn't want Animal Print and CHANEL??
Guess what?? I am going hunt down that shop which can get me my computer glasses in this print and shape. I love it so much.
What do yout think?
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Thanks, Jiya (Shoppingaholic)

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