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An Important Endorsement: Salt Lake City Tribune

Posted on the 23 October 2012 by Anthonyhymes @TheWrongWing

Now that the final debate is over, and the presidential candidates have had their chance to make their case, we begin to see the formal endorsement of some news outlets that seek to provide their opinion of the candidates before election day. It is an important process in American political culture, and can deal some surprises. 

The Salt Lake City Tribune has come out against the grain of the state of Utah, dominated by Mormons and conservatives and considered well within the boundaries of Romney territory. They have endorsed Obama for another four years, citing primarily what this politiblog has always said: we just don’t know which Romney we will be electing.

Romney comes in many forms, and is willing to say and do whatever he needs to be elected. This is the primary difference: Romney gives a different pitch to each audience he speaks to, Obama does not. Obama says the same thing to everyone, no matter what their interests might be. Even if you don’t like his policy, that is the clear sign of a leader, and not someone who is just trying to be President.

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