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An Empty Nest, Huzzah!

By Parentalparody @parental_parody
It’s finally happening, my friends.
I am kicked back, on the lounge.  Laptop in position, coffee in hand.
There is nothing but the sweet sound of silence.
And the keyboard tapping.
And the washing machine.
But that’s beside the point.
There are no warring twins.
No whining Miss7, utterly distraught over the fact that Miss4 is beheading all her Barbies.
No Mstr4 coming to query “hey Mummy, what’s your name?” every few minutes, with finger firmly wedged in nostril.
It’s just me, the laptop, my hot coffee, and the washing machine.

An empty nest, huzzah!

Let's just pretend that my home made coffee looks like this

Yeah, that's right....a steaming hot coffee - no milk skin on top, no stone cold faux ice coffee. No consumption interruptions.
School’s back
Not only that, the Twin Tornado have finally donned their uniforms and commenced their scholarly years.
That's right - for 2.5 days a week, I have the entire Feral Threesome in someone else's care, free of charge - being educated no less!
It’s bloody fantastic.
While other mothers shed a tear over their little darlings starting Kindergarten, I nudged mine in the door, and by the time I turned around to say goodbye, they were already playing and creating a posse with a few other kids they already know.
I yelled out my goodbyes.  Mstr4 blanked me, Miss4 glanced up and rolled her eyes before returning to her puzzle.
An empty nest, huzzah!

Now on to the important tasks that I’ve been unable to focus on for the past 7 years of having at least one, two or three kids at home every day….
Which Real Housewives of all the world should I watch today?

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