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Amie - Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask

By Iheartmexo @iheartmexoxo
Hello everyone,
I've heard quite a bit about Amie skincare on blogs and how their skincare products are really lovely and effective. I've never really tried anything by Amie skincare before but recently I received this face mask in a She Said beauty box and though that I'd review it. It comes in a sachet and is a great size. You get quite alot of product in it as well. Usually with sachet face masks I get two uses. I wrap it up and use it within that week. You can purchase 3 sachets for £1.50 which is such a great price.
Amie - Spring Clean Cooling Clay MaskAmie - Spring Clean Cooling Clay Mask
The spring clean cooling face mask is for achieving deeply cleansed skin and contains organic peppermint, French white clay and lime butter. The French clay absorbs excess oil, dirt etc as well as being an exfolient.  The peppermint cools and soothes the skin and refreshes it and the lime butter helps to tone the skin and shrink larger pores. Other than that, it also has natural zinc oxide which is a great anti-bacterial ingredient.
It comes out in a mint green color and is very thick and once you start applying it you'll know that it's texture is really smooth. The clay is so soft. I've never used a clay mask like this. This is by far the best one. You'll feel a tingling and cooling sensation on your face once you apply this because of the peppermint. After applying it I waited for 10-15 minutes, as it says on the pack, and washed it off with warm water. I instantly felt a difference. My skin just looked so much more refreshed and soft. Baby soft. I had some redness around my T-zone and that literally was invisible. I think the lime butter and peppermint kicked in really well. I felt my skin had a nice glow which is something I hardly get. It didn't strip my skin where it would feel tight but instead it felt softer, smoother and firm. One thing I also noticed was that even after an hour of was washing it off, I still felt the cooling effect on my skin which was great. The areas where it tingled the most was my T-zone and that was the area where I felt my skin looked and felt the best. I can tell you that my skin felt so good the next day. The only thing I wasn't sure about was the scent of it but with how great this works, I don't think that matters!
I really do  recommend this! It's also the only clay mask that I did not have a reaction with. I have extremely sensitive skin and clay masks always make my skin red and itchy. So top marks for that!
I really want to look into and try out more products by Amie skincare and will buy this for sure.
Have you tried Amie skincare before?
Hareem x

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