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American Pest Management Renews Relationship With FleetMatics to Boost Efficiency

Posted on the 02 February 2012 by Fleetmatics @fleetmatics

It’s a problem that’s existed for centuries, but most people don’t usually think about how to handle termites until after the damage is done. That’s why Ravi Sachdeva, President of American Pest Management, feels that regular maintenance of a home or business against pest infestation is as essential as annual doctor checkups or oil changes for your car.

American Pest Management was started with a simple Yellow Pages ad placed by Sachdeva’s parents, and has been serving residential and commercial clients in Kansas and Missouri since 1979. Sachdeva took over operations in 1998, continuing the philosophy of a holistic approach that ensures the health of a home or business while also considering that of the environment and inhabitants.

The company protects close to 6,000 clients from termites and other insects all the way up to rodents, snakes, birds and other wildlife. Many of those clients have been with American Pest Management since the beginning. Naturally, customer service is imperative for this company’s success.

With such a high volume of service calls, Sachdeva realized that idling time could eat away at his company’s productivity and cost-efficiency. “The trucks were running while no one was in them,” he says. After hearing about FleetMatics from a friend, he decided to implement the GPS fleet tracking system on some of American Pest Management’s vehicles.

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