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American Gothic Face-in-the-Hole

By Kathybarbro @KathyBarbro
American Gothic Face-in-the-Hole A reader sent me this great photo a few days ago and wrote:
“I am sending you these photos to show you how I adapted your American Gothic mural to make a Face-in-the-Hole board for our school’s annual Harvest Hoedown. I have always been afraid of painting projects, but I loved doing this and am very happy with the results. My husband and I got to study the painting in a way that we never would have in a museum. I look forward to new additions to your store and may even attempt to paint another! 
– Sincerely, Donna B.”
Thanks Donna! You and your husband are obviously talented painters. I wish you much success with your Hoedown, and hope that your work inspires other creative thinkers as well.

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