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Amber & Jimmy Are Married! // St. Augustine Photographer

By Scarlettandstephen

Amber & Jimmy are married! // St. Augustine Photographer

Sometimes a couple just rocks your camera.  You could swear they are secret supermodels, but instead, they are just two people crazy in love with each other who have amazing chemistry.  Amber & Jimmy are that.

What started out as a bad forecast with a little drizzle, the day cleared up in that way that I’ve always noticed God shines on wedding days and parts the rain clouds around ceremony time.  We had so much fun prancing Amber & Jimmy around downtown St. Augustine, even walking them into a huge street festival where the whole street applauded them, whistled and took their own tourist photos.  Yeah, we kind of did that on purpose.  Because our couples deserve to feel like rockstars on their wedding day.

The thing we loved most about their reception was, they chose to party and dance the night away before the food was even presented.  With most of their family coming from up North to celebrate Amber and Jimmy’s special day in St. Augustine, they were ready to get their dance on.  The perfect opening to the night was when Amber and Jimmy, both in the Navy, surprised guests with a special grand entrance march, and Jimmy in his uniform and medals.  But while they kept the serious military face for a second, soon the music broke out and they had everyone dancing on the floor with them to celebrate the rest of the evening in style.

Congrats Amber & Jimmy!  Here’s our favorites from the day and all their fabulous vendors!

CEREMONY: Prince of Peace  RECEPTION: The OC White Room, St. Augustine  MAKE UP: Paulina Perez  HAIR: Mandi Adams  DRESS: Her mom’s  VEIL: Fascinating Creations  FLORIST: The Conservatorie  CIGAR ROLLER: Julio  CAKE: Sweet Weddings

Amber & Jimmy are married! // St. Augustine Photographer
Amber & Jimmy are married! // St. Augustine Photographer

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