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Posted on the 21 May 2014 by Geekasms @geekasms

Amazing Spider-Man #2, the comic, not the movie, just so we’re straight, continues the reintroduction of Peter Parker back into the world of Spider-Man.  He’s still picking up the pieces and this issue has him finally clearing up a few major situations.

We also get a little glimpse at who we can only assume is Silk, the girl bitten by the same radioactive spider as Peter.  It seems she spends all of her time watching videos of Spider-Man’s battles.  Hm…interesting.

Spider-Man has a meeting with the Avengers to prove that he is back and he also has a heart to heart with Anna Maria.  While reading this issue, I realized for the first time that I really like Anna Maria.  She’s great.  Spunky, confident, funny and I’m glad that she didn’t storm out of Peter’s door for good.  The way they integrate her in the story is wonderful and I’m happy to see that she might be a part of Peter’s life for some time to come.

This is also another great issue for Humberto Ramos.  I was surprised at how similar, yet different, his style looked in the last issue and that continues here.  It’s really impressive.  I’ve seen him draw Spider-Man for so long that I expect certain things and they aren’t always there anymore.  The way he draws Spider-Man’s eyes is very different than normal and it’s for the best.  He slips a few times and they get “expressive”, but mostly they stay in their new larger size.

Electro is the main villain in this issue, but the battle isn’t that big of a deal.  It’s more about what Ock did to him and how that is causing problems for Electro.  I said it through the Superior run that the one thing I hoped for is that Spider-Man’s villains would be villainous again.  With what Ock did, Electro and Black Cat are setting their sites on Spider-Man in a big way and I bet they are not going to be alone.

Two issues in and my concerns about how Slott was going to piece all this together have been virtually wiped away.  The only thing that I’m not sold on yet is Parker Industries.  Him being in charge of his own company just doesn’t feel right and I’m not sure it ever will.  I’m sure Slott has something major in mind and I’m happy to go along for the ride and see if he can change my mind.

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