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Alternative Engagement Ring Designs

By Macrogers

Have to select an engagement ring for your beloved or selecting a diamond ring for yourself… But really confused as to what to pick? But don’t want to settle for the usual round cut classic solitaire rings. Need some assistance? Here we go.

The Contemporary Trend in Diamond Rings:

A Never Dying Style

Heart shaped diamond rings are always in vogue irrespective of time, seasons or even occasions. Either the band can be designed in heart shape or heart shaped diamonds can be set in preset diamond ring setting to create a beautiful engagement ring.

Alternative Engagement Ring Designs

Want More of Curves

Those who have an inclination towards circular shapes but want to try something novel and contemporary, the best option will be to opt for either of the mentioned rings – Oval Shaped Diamond Rings or Pear Shaped Diamond Rings or Marquise Cut Diamond Rings or even Cushion Cut Diamond Rings.

Angles and Lines Define Me Better

Gone are the days when people went looking for brilliant round cut diamonds. The square or rectangular shapes are more popular these days. Even most of the celebrity engagement rings are based on rectangular shapes. The popular cuts and shapes are Princess Cut Diamond Rings, Emerald Cut Diamond Rings, Asscher Cut Diamond Ring and Radiant Cut Diamond Rings.

Guess it’s high time to shed off the classy round cut diamond images and jazz up your diamond jewelry collection with the variety of diamond shapes and cuts available.

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