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Allow Yourself to Relax for a Moment.

By Zen_sheila @BeZensational

Allow yourself to relax for a moment.

Most of us have hectic days.  We catch ourselves saying I wish there were another couple hours in a day to get everything done.  Turns out, all we have to do is relax and not do the things that are not important.  Prioritize.  Can you straighten up the house after you take the kids to the park?  Chances are you can do it another day and just enjoy the park.  The mess won’t go anywhere.


Take a few moments each day to spend with nature.  You will be amazed how relaxed you feel just by allowing yourself some time to absorb some sunshine without cell phones, or a rainy day with no umbrella.   Let something from nature astound you, whether it’s the melody of a bird, the artwork of a spider web, or the delicate blossoms who only make an appearance for a week or so until they are gone.  Allow yourself to relax and enjoy nature.

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