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Allotment Garden, Update 3!

By Sophies Foodie

Here, I will give you another allotment update, number 3! :) Let’s see what has happened in our beloved garden, in last weeks! :)

There are 3 cavolo nero plants growing, under a large net, all grown from seeds, by us! ;) Further along, you will find young Summer leek plants, 58 of them, alongside red onion & 10 bunches of spring onions! :

There are 3 plants of cavolo nero growing, all grown from seed, under a net.


What else has grown well?



Red beets, Bolivar & Purple kohlrabi's! :)

Red beets, Bolivar & Purple kohlrabi’s! :)

What else?

5 courgette plants, New-zaeland spinach & 5 pumpkin plants!

5 courgette plants, New-Zealand spinach & 5 pumpkin plants!

Let’s see them closer:



This is one of 6 New-Zealand spinach plants, all grown from seed indoors! This one is the biggest because we have planted it in half shadow & the rest of them were growing from tiny plants into the full sun!


And some more yellow courgette plants. All my courgette plants are grown from seeds, by ourselves! :) Ooh yes!

Allotment garden, update 3!

And here are the pumpkin plants, all grown from seeds too! :)



Here are 2 Uchi Kuri pumpkins growing! Ooh yes! Real beauties! :) And finally, we have 2 Butternut Pumpkin plants growing. In the beginning, they were a bit smaller than the other plants, but now, they are growing bigger each day! Further along, you see 1 Butternut pumpkin on your left side! ;)

So, there has been a lot happening already in our garden. It isn’t finished yet!

Orange raspberries!

Orange raspberries!



3 red roach plants aka red spinach!

3 red roach plants aka red spinach!

Allotment garden, update 3!
Allotment garden, update 3!
We opened the cold frame
Allotment garden, update 3!

One bad news, all of our tomato plants, in our plastic conservatory, has gone dead because they had the potato disease on them. And we grow veggies the organic way so we didn’t spray a poison on our tomato plants. So, we threw them out. Our 2 aubergine plants are doing great though. They are producing many new aubergines! :) Just see:

Allotment garden, update 3!
Allotment garden, update 3!

And finally, we have 10 green celery plants in our conservatory. We already have had 10 curly green lettuce crops! Ooh yes, a bit bitter & yummy too! :)


So, this was the 3rd allotment update! :) I hope you enjoyed it too! :) See you later in the year! ;)

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Allotment garden, update 3!

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Allotment garden, update 3!
Allotment garden, update 3!

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