All the Truth About Comfort Zone

Posted on the 25 December 2015 by Luciano Pacini
I think that you have heard about “comfort zone” sometimes, I guess yes because almost everybody speaks about it and also in an inappropriate way. So my dear readers I can’t miss the opportunity to give you my vision about that, obviously the best one because it will be without the same rhetoric that often people add when they are talking behind back this topic.

All the Truth about Comfort Zone

Working in Progress

I want begin saying that the “comfort zone” is not mandatory a negative thing as almost everyone suppose, in fact many people just talk about how you should step out from that situation and so on. I don’t think so. I mean first of all we must understand what we are really talking about.My concept is completely different from others. The “comfort zone” is a necessity and a very important thing for all human being, in fact it is thanks to the ability of adapting at different situations, both physical and mental, that people have been always able to survive and to perpetuate their "species" through thousands of years. In this sense the “comfort zone” is just a "side effect" of what I can call “spirit of adaption”.
It is normal when you want to do something new you have never done, your mind warns you about possible risks which you are going through. To understand better what I mean an example can be that many years ago people usually built their houses at top of hills because at that time was considering more safe, so if somebody wanted to build them in another area was normal they had some doubts. Another instance can be that if people have always eaten a black berry, then they would be skeptic picking a red one; and I can continue with many other examples: something that permits them surviving; in fact “comfort zone” is strictly collegated with preserving “human race ”. Why risk when is not necessary, it is better being safe and perpetuate species. This is what the primitive part of your mind think and obviously it worked very well if you are alive here reading what I am writing. 

All the Truth about Comfort Zone

Everyone has their own comfort zone

So people and pseudo-gurus should consider there are also some positive sides for the reasons that I have just tried to explain. In fact  at the end what I am talking about is a  state of mind, and it serves to keep you comfortable and to settle down with what you already have, with the aim of reducing your stress and anxiety. Being in “comfort zone” elicits a certain level of stability within yourself, which should keep you calm and satisfied. It allows you to "progress" through your life without many changes.So people should stop to talk by chance about something they don’t know; it due to the fact that the human being has always been cautious about their choices, for their own good and for the family one, and being able breeding and to move forward throughout history. Also we are here thanks to that, as I said.This preface is necessary to understand better my visions.

So now we can continue my dear readers understanding my concept; at this point we must ask to ourselves: Are we really comfortable where we are in life, or are we just settling because we don’t believe we can get any better?When I ask these types of questions to someone, they try to portray they are comfortable, but later when they really open up to me it seems there are many things they wish achieve or attain. It is evident by their constant disappointment that they are not completely satisfied. They just reply with the words ‘not bad’ or ‘okay’.So the first obstacle that we find talking about this topic is that many people pretend its absence, consequently it becomes difficult to understand this phenomenon and even more trying to move on from that. Life is made up of decisions we make, and accepting a ‘not bad’ or an ‘okay’ it works for many fellows. It looks like that people rarely admit when they aren’t doing too well, and believe that they can take cover behind lying to others and themselves. But there is one fact they have to acknowledge: they can’t escape from themselves. The reality is that most people aren’t truly happy with where they are in life. They submit to beliefs that have made them feel that it is the most they can be, and accept a life that never fulfils them. They seem to be blinded to the powerful part of that word which is ‘acknowledgement’. The fact is that you can know many things, ten university degrees, traveled the Globe, or knowing how to speak ten different languages, but if you don’t have true knowledge of yourselves, you will never create the life you want. So first of all: awareness of ourselves. Without complexes, without prejudices, without false beliefs imposed by others, obviously. This doesn't mean just be honest with others, it is being honest with yourself.

All the Truth about Comfort Zone

I am in that 2%, and you?

I know there are some kind of joy and peace staying in your “comfort zone” in fact it appears safe. However, you can get stuck on that and believe that life is just about finding and staying in there. When you are there you avoid risk and attempt to keep it easy and comfortable.So my dear readers, when I was talking about the fact when this “comfort zone” can start to be or turn in negative, I guess we are there now.In fact I have found that we become so emotionally attached to our lives that it’s hard to see the real truth without a completely new and outside perspective. Either you believe that you are not stuck in “comfort zone” or you don’t believe there is a future outside of that. This is also your choice.The “comfort zone” got its name because it is just like it sounds, a mindset that we choose to reside in what fills us with a sense of comfort and security. But the problem is when you aren't reaching a different type of success that you really want. The reason is because in order to stay in "comfort zone", it requires us to remain complacent with our life’s path. Therefore, we don’t extend ourselves beyond this bubble where we have placed in and we aren't able express our real potentials.

So only now, if you want to make some changes in your life, that’s the time to step out a little bit from your “comfort zone”.We need reach outside of our comfort zone, because if we stay into that, it is like if we set a ceiling for our capabilities. Once we reach that ceiling, our growth stops and we settle with what we have already accomplished. We convince ourselves that we achieved a lot, and that we are doing the right thing. So we live with this mindset until we are forced to change our situation. Many times, we begin a new job and time after time we become good at it. We would assume that since we are good at it, we should continue pursuing this thing. But if this task is not promoting inner growth, something must be changed. Life contains a vast array of information and knowledge which we have access if we just want it. Therefore, by eliminating our potentials we are stunting our growth with the possibility to reach a true success or simply our happiness.

All the Truth about Comfort Zone

What matters is the Heart

Your first step can be to understand what doubts you have or what you are avoiding by staying comfortable. Understand the fear. Understand the resistance. Understand the reason why you stay in your "comfort zone". Once you understand it. I mean really understand it, you can decide if this is real or not. You can decide how you want to be in life. You can decide how you want to be remembered. I said earlier that many people love to talk about their vision or their goals but I also said that as the conversation gets more personal and tough, we talk about what keeps them where they are. This is where they really don’t have words because they don’t spend much time understanding their resistances to having what they really want.Who you are and who you want to be? This question is essential to your success, it relates to understanding your fears that keep you in your "comfort zone" and is meant to get you to really think beyond your targets and other accomplishments that you want to achieve in your life.So you have a choice, stay in comfort and hope that a new future comes your way, or you can take some time to understand what you are really avoiding that keeps you from your future. This is applies to all parts of life and business. You must have the courage to share the new awareness of what is keeping you in your "comfort zone", at least with yourself.When we discover something that we are good at, we typically like to focus on that because the skill brings us a certain level of satisfaction that makes us happy and causes us to become more passionate about it as a result. But there is a reason we are good at things, so therefore we should expand upon those. In order for us to reach the level of success that we want requires us to go above and beyond what our comfort level permits. It requires us to step outside of our current comfort zone and allow that bubble to expand.Being in our comfort zone is a double-edged sword, because it makes us feel comfortable and safe, but at the same time, halts our ability to grow and expand. Along our journey, we have the choice to either settle in our comfort zone and live a life without growth, or step outside and find our true purpose.

In any case, my dear reader, I can suggest you another way, in fact you dont have just two choices: staying into your "comfort zone" or step out from that. You have a third possibility: just trying to expand your "confort zone". And how can you do? It is simple, day by day just try to learn something new, just that, this thing will bring you little by little to grow up and to become richer, in any sense. In this way you will make some great changes in your life almost without even noticing. Everything will be natural and spontaneous. 

All the Truth about Comfort Zone

Sometimes can be even easy, if you just follow your Nature.

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