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"All That Remains"

By Trebeca04

"All That Remains"
Several months ago, I came across a vintage printer's tray type case drawer. In its original condition, the oak drawer measured 32":x16", and it contained over 90 small compartments!
To make it more manageable, I cut it into three equal parts. It worked great, but still, this one has 35 compartments!
The back is covered with a map of the United States followed with a layer of pattern tissue to mute the colors of the map (love the lines). Next I began to fill the tiny compartments . . . each one contains bits and pieces of this and that, each one tells an entire story on its own.
If you would like to see the details of each compartment, click on the image to enlarge.  See if you can find: the little green monkey, the '72 toy Volkswagen, the 3 tiny brass Buddhas, the 3-minute egg timer, and the Queen of Hearts.
To finish the shadow box, I added a vintage brass drawer pull, and glass cover. The pieces is ready to hang on the wall or sit on a stand.

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