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"All That Glitters is Not Gold" ... but These Are.

By Thestyletreaty @thestyletreaty

When I was younger, I suffered from 'sparklaphobia'... aka, a phobia of glitter (I joke not!). I remember Kindergarten ringing my Mom and questioning my sanity, after I, her four year old daughter, was left in tears and quite literally panicking over the fact I had glitter and glue on my hands. Not gonna lie I would literally freak out like this till the age of 12, *what a weirdooo...*. I am happy to say I've now got over it, because lets face it, how upsetting and incomplete would my wardrobe be without some glitter and sequins? Not to mention these babies above!   YEP I'VE FALLEN IN LOVE!We all know I love Miu Miu with a passion, however I'm not exactly 'rolling in it' right now and with Christmas coming up £555 just seems that bit extortionate. So what could cheer me up more, then the fact New Look of all places have released these beauties! They're absolutely perfect and to be truthful, I slightly prefer them to Miu Miu's. The colours are deliciously autumnal and perfect for my wardrobe. Plus lets face it, at £34.99 I can easily get both.... happy days.
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